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Highlights of AZ 204 Certification Training

az 204 certification training syallbus

AZ 204 Certification Training Syllabus

Implement IaaS solutions  – provisionvirtual machines (VMs)

  • configure, validate, and deploy ARM templates
  • configure container images for solutions
  • publish an image to Azure Container Registry
  • run containers by using Azure Container Instance

Create an Azure App Service Web App

  • enable diagostics logging deploy code to a web app
  • configure web app settings, including SSL, APIsettings, and connection strings
  • implement autoscaling rules, including scheduled
  • autoscaling and autoscaling by operational or system metrics

Implement Azure functions

  • create and deploy Azure Functions appsimplement input and output bindings for a function
  • implement function triggers by using dataoperations, timers, and webhooks
  • implement Azure Durable Functions

Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage

  • select the appropriate API and SDK for a solution
  • implement partitioning schemes and partition keys
  • perform operations on data and Cosmos DB containers
  • set the appropriate consistency level for operations
  •  manage change feed notifications
  • Develop solutions that use blob storage  move items in Blob storage between storage accounts or containers
  • set and retrieve properties and metadata
  • perform operations on data by using the appropriate SDK
  • implement storage policies, data archiving, and retention
  • Implement user authentication and authorization
  •  authenticate and authorize users by using theMicrosoft Identity platform
  • authenticate and authorize users and apps byusing Azure Active Directory
  • create and implement shared access signatures
  • implement solutions with Microsoft Graph
  • Implement secure cloud solutions  secure app configuration data by using App
  • Configuration or Azure Key Vault
  • develop code that uses keys, secrets, and
  • certificates stored in Azure Key Vault
  • implement Managed Identities for Azure resources

Implement caching for solutions -Configure cache and expiration policies for Azure Cache for Redis

  • implement secure and optimized application cache patterns, including data sizing, connections, encryption, and expiration
  • Troubleshoot solutions by using metrics and log data
  • configure an app or service to use the ApplicationInsights
  •  review and analyze metrics and log data
  •  implement Application Insights web tests and alerts

Implement API Management   – create an APIM instance

  • create and document APIs
  •  configure authentication for APIs
  • define policies for APIs Develop event-based solutions   – implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid
  • implement solutions that use Azure Event Hub
  • Develop message-based solutions
  • implement solutions that use Azure Service Bus
  • implement solutions that use Azure Queue Storage queues
AZ 204 Online training and exam pattern

What Is AZ 204 Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Exam?

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate(commonly referred to as the AZ-204) certification is a Microsoft Azure certification that focuses primarily on building web applications over Azure cloud services.

The Azure Developer compliments the Azure administrator(Az-104). It is often the certification people choose to continue before pursuing professional certifications.

Microsoft Azure is different from other Cloud Service Providers. It relies more heavily on its developer’s tools for interaction with services. 

There is often no Graphical User Interface (GUI), so it is necessary to interact directly with the API. 

Azure Administrator, as well as the Azure Developer certifications will provide engineers with the necessary knowledge to maximize Azure’s potential.

The Azure Developer or Azure Administrator are the most common lead certifications.

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-204 Certification Benefits

Microsoft Azure allows you to develop code, whether you are a professional developer or a hobbyist developer. To build for the Cloud, you can use any language you prefer. How can you show the world you have these skills?

The Azure Developer Associate certification proves you are capable of designing, building, testing, and maintaining Cloud services and applications on Azure. 

It is earned by passing the AZ204 Developing Solutions to Microsoft Azure exam.

This Certification is for you if your responsibilities encompass all aspects of cloud development, from requirements definition and design to development, deployment and maintenance.

This Azure Certification is suitable for the following scenarios.

  • If you are a cloud developer,cloud engineer, or both, you will need to integrate Azure services into your Application and deploy your application to Azure.
  • To build serverless workloads, you need to know a lot more about Azure Functions
  • Candidates who are Azure engineers
  • Those with expertise in Cloud application design, building, testing, maintenance and support.
  • People who are Cloud DBAs and cloud administrators.
  • People with a basic understanding networking or virtualization.
  • People who excel in the implementation and management of cloud solution

Practical Training

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AZ 204 Certification Levels

Microsoft has separated its certifications into four levels. These range from beginner to expert. Microsoft provides all certificates in these four levels. Foundations Certification – Fundamentals Certification is designed for people who have just started to learn about cloud concepts. People without can also use these certifications without technical backgrounds to begin their journey into the cloud. 

Associate Certification

If you're familiar with Azure, you can apply for these certifications on your resume.

Expert Certification

This is for those with prior experience, deep understanding, as well as associate-level knowledge in Azure.

Specialty certification

This is currently only available for certain roles such as Azure for the SAP Workloads and Microsoft Azure IOT Specialist.

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AZ 204 Certification Training - Course Objectives

AZ 204 Certification Exam Prerequisites

There are a variety of Azure Certifications that have no requirements to pass their test. Most of the Microsoft Azure certifications are intended to enable the widespread utilization of Microsoft Azure services globally by corporate and professionally. 

This is due to the flexibility of the role-based certification path that it’s possible to get a crystal clear idea of which streams or certifications one should focus on. 

Candidates for this Certification should have one to two years of experience as a professional developer, including Azure expertise.

The ability to program using Azure languages is another requirement. Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, data connection options, APIs,and data storage options are all important.

The exam covers a range of subjects


Who Can Take AZ 204 Certification Training

  • Are you a tech-savvy person who wants to enhance your professional skills by becoming an administrator and working with Azure cloud services? 
  • Candidates for this exam must be proficient in the management, implementation, and monitoring of a Microsoft Azure environment. 
  • Candidates should have a solid understanding of the Microsoft Azure environment. This includes virtual networks, storage, identity security, governance, and management. 
  • Azure administrators are often part of a larger team responsible for implementing a company’s cloud infrastructure. Azure administrators often work with other roles in order to deliver Azure networking and security as well as application development and DevOps. 
  • Candidates should be comfortable with virtualization, operating systems, networking, and servers, as well as operating systems. 
  • This role requires that professionals have knowledge of PowerShell (Azure CLI), the Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager templates, ARM templates, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Cloud infrastructure services, cloud-based solutions and other cloud-based services 
  • This certification is the ideal career path if you believe you are an expert in Azure cloud management and would like to dive deeper into managing, monitoring, and implementing Azure infrastructure. 
  • You can generally take this exam if you’re an IT professional who would like to become a cloud administrator, software engineer, or software administrator.  
  • This certification will give you a detailed view of Azure cloud infrastructure, and it will help you improve your domain knowledge. 
az 204 exam topics

How Can I Pass the AZ 204 Azure Developer Associate Certification

Once you have a clear idea of what you need to do to prepare for your exam AZ-204, it’s time to consider why you should dedicate all your effort to improving your existing exam skills. 

One of the most apparent benefits of becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator is the possibility of receiving a more excellent annual salary.

According to the most reputable job site, the median yearly wage for Microsoft Azure Administrators is $107,683. In addition, if you include an international certificate in your resume or Linkedin profile, your chances of being hired at a desirable company are much more significant. 

Employers appreciate applicants with an international certificate because they see the badge as proof that the applicant’s skills are thoroughly checked and analyzed. Alongside advancements in professional skills.

 You also have an opportunity to stay informed of the latest developments in cloud computing. Cloud computing is among the most modern technologies in the market, and businesses are using it globally. 


AZ 204 Certification Exam Pattern

AZ 204 Certification Exam Pattern

The next step in preparing for the test is to learn about the AZ-204 exam format. The Microsoft AZ-204 exam is 120 minutes long and consists of approximately 40-60 questions. 

The test is conducted via Pearson VUE and costs $165 for candidates within the United States. The costs for exam takers from other countries may vary from the amount.

 Individuals can select among the various languages used in the test, which include English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

To pass the exam and earn the certificate, applicants must attain a minimum pass score of 700 marks out of 1000. 

How to take AZ 204 Certification Exam?

AZ-204 Certification is the latest and greatest in the industry. With AZ-204 Exam, you can take control of your career and achieve success. 

The Exam is rigorous, so be prepared for all that it entails. 

AZ 204 Certification Exam Cost?

USD 165 (based on the location) is a new fee that Microsoft is offering. This fee is designed to help students afford their exams. 

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian .

AZ-204 Certification Exam Retake Policy

There are many applicants who have questions regarding the Exam retake policy. Let’s look at the cases that are defined – 

If you’re not capable of passing the test the first time around the next time, you’ll be required to wait at least 24 hours before taking the Exam again. 

 If you’re not capable of passing the test after the second time around in the meantime, the period to sit for the examination the next time is extended to 14 days. 

 So you are allowed to take five Retakes per year. 

AZ-204 Certification Exam Cancellation Policy

If you intend to cancel or modify the appointment, it must be made at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled examination time in order that there will be no cost for cancellation. 

 If there’s a cancellation or rescheduling that is not made within 5 business days, you’ll be charged a small fee. 

 If you do not change or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the full exam fee will be forfeited.  

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I would like to thank the Certificationmantra team for the excellent training. The class content was extremely informative and useful. I feel I gained a great deal of insight into all aspects of azure az 204 from the lectures, discussions, and assignments. The entire experience was excellent!
Excellent place for azure az 204 certification coaching. Teaching quality is excellent trainer is given good examples for every concept. I recommended that freshers, as well as experienced job seekers, grab the knowledge from Certificationmantra Team. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning AZ 204
I joined the certificationmantra to learn Azure DevOps AZ 204 there is great trainer and He explains everything in a simple manner that anyone can understand, even those with no coding experience. His patience and clarity during classes helped me greatly in learning AzureDevOps. thanks to Certificationmantra Team
Ram kumar
If you want to learn, azure devops AZ 204, Certificationmantra is the best place for you. These concepts are much more practical than those from other institutes and easy to understand. The trainer is very knowledgeable about Azure DevOps. He is also very approachable and can answer any question or doubt without hesitation. Certificationmantra is a great place to grow your career and increase your technical knowledge. Thank you to Certificationmantra Team.
Certificationmantra is the best place for az 204 training institute for freshers and experts, friendly environment and easy ways to learn new technologies. Thank you, Certificationmantra Team. With all your experience, you make us the best in the industry. Thank you all
I have completed Azure Devops AZ204 Course. The faculty has been very helpful and supportive to me. The staff has been very helpful in providing guidance and a quick response. Thank you Certificationmantra. Anyone who is interested in azure-cloud related courses, I would strongly recommend joining the certificationmantra Platform.
Shiva Sai
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. because the AZ 204 exam tests knowledge in five areas.  We will start by managing Azure identities. Next, we’ll cover managing and implementing storage, including Azure File Sync. Then, we’ll show you how to deploy and maintain resources. After that, we’ll cover how to manage and configure enterprise-grade virtual networking. Finally, we’ll discuss how Azure resources can be monitored and backed up

There are no specific requirements for the exam AZ-204; however, it is suggested to have previous knowledge of working with Azure. 

  • Develop Azure compute solutions.
  • Develop for Azure storage.
  • Implement Azure security.
  • Monitor,troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions.
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services.

The AZ-204 test is a two-hour test. 

You can take five attempts within a year after the first attempt to clear the test.

The score required to pass the AZ-204 test is 700 marks out of 1000. 

There is no way to be penalized for a wrong answer. In the case of single-point items, you have to be able to answer completely and correctly. You don’t get points for any part of your answer which isn’t correct. 

In a matter of minutes after finishing the exam, you will know that you have passed the exam successfully or failed. In addition, you will be provided with the report in a paper format that will include your exam score and feedback about what you did in the skills areas you were tested. 

You can work in every industry by obtaining Az-204. Microsoft Azure provides cloud solutions for a variety of sectors, including  

  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Entertainment and media
  • Agriculture
  • Gaming
  • Banking

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian  

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