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axelos itil certification

Key Highlights of itil v4 foundation course

axelos itil certification

Recall the definition of:

a) Service
b) Utility
c) Warranty
d) Customer
e) User
f) Service management
g) Sponsor

Describe the key concepts of creating value with services:

a) Cost
b) Value
c) Organization
d) Outcome
e) Output
f) Risk
g) Utility
h) Warranty

Describe the key concepts of service relationships:

a) Service offering
b) Service relationship management
c) Service provision
d) Service consumption

 Describe the nature, use and interaction of the guiding

Explain the use of the guiding principles

a) Focus on value 
b) Start where you are 
c) Progress iteratively with feedback 
d) Collaborate and promote visibility 
e) Think and work holistically 
f) Keep it simple and practical 
g) Optimize and automate

 Describe the four dimensions of service management :

a) Organizations and people 
b) Information and technology 
c) Partners and suppliers 
d) Value streams and processes 

 Describe the interconnected nature of the service value chain
and how this supports value streams 

Describe the purpose of each value chain activity:

a) Plan
b) Improve
c) Engage
d) Design & transition
e) Obtain/build
f) Deliver & support

Recall the purpose of the following ITIL practices:

a) Information security management 
b) Relationship management 
c) Supplier management 
d) IT asset management 
e) Monitoring and event management 
f) Release management 
g) Service configuration management 
h) Deployment management 
i) Continual improvement 
j) Change enablement 
k) Incident management 
l) Problem management 
m) Service request management 
n) Service desk 
o) Service level management 

Recall definitions of the following ITIL terms:

a) IT asset
b) Event
c) Configuration item
d) Change
e) Incident
f) Problem
g) Known erro

Explain the following ITIL practices in detail, excluding how
they fit within the service value chain:

a) Continual improvement  including:
– The continual improvement model 
b) Change enablement 
c) Incident management 
d) Problem management 
e) Service request management 
f) Service desk 
g) Service level management 

itil v4 certificate

What Is itil v4 Foundation Course Certification

What is ITIL

ITIL refers to the IT Infrastructure Library which is an internationally recognized IT services delivery system.

 ITIL is a framework for service delivery that has been accepted internationally.

ITIL provides the best methods to IT services management (ITSM) to aid in the standardization of different procedures and stages of stages of the IT lifecycle.

The concept of ITIL began in the early 1980s, when the British Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) recognized the necessity to create a standardization of guidelines to prevent inconsistencies within the ever-changing IT architectures.

The initial ITIL version ITIL was published in 1989.

However, ITIL is constantly updated, and is under the supervision of Axelos. The most recent version, ITIL 4, has changed to accommodate IT administrators’ demands and in adjusting to the latest IT management methods.

 In addition to providing the best methods for managing incidents and continuous improvement, ITIL 4 additionally addresses cloud computing as well as automation, AI DevOps, Agile, and more.

ITIL(r) 4 Foundation is the most widely-respected beginning ITIL certification for IT professionals. 

The most recent training on the ITIL framework was intended to teach learners about the management of the modern IT-enabled service with a focus on the most important concepts and the common language

that is employed in the ITIL lifecycle of services, how the lifecycle stages are connected with the processes involved, as well as best practices to improve service quality. IT services throughout the IT company

itil v4 certification course

Axelos ITIL Certification Course Importance

Why should you get this ITIL 4 Certification?

Since ITIL is a “framework” designed to be adjusted to balance theory and business demands, it is, therefore, suitable for businesses across many industries, such as entertainment, finance, retail technology, and life sciences.

ITIL 4 can also be adapted depending on the scale of the business and the organizational structure.

It is a real strategic asset for the company it serves by decreasing expenses, assessing resources, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The ITIL 4 certification can make you an invaluable resource.

It will help you comprehend the terms of ITIL used by professionals worldwide and improve your standing within ITIL’s IT community.

ITIL does not mean following strict rules instead, it is about allowing you to use your common sense to create a flexible and adaptable framework to manage IT services.

ITIL builds trust between IT personnel and contractors, suppliers, and business users by establishing an understanding and standard terminology for IT services.

ITIL is a worldwide acknowledged set of best management practices in the world. ITIL certification helps you comprehend the most widely-used concepts, terms, processes, and terminology to boost your company’s growth.

Many organizations across every business sector accept ITIL adoption as a requirement to compete in the marketplace.

Before enrolling in any ITIL training program, knowing the advantages of your productivity and professional advancement is essential.

The main benefits enjoyed by the vast majority of ITIL-certified experts, regardless of their roles in service management and management, are:

 Worldwide Recognized Qualification:

 ITIL certification establishes an international benchmark for your certification and skills in service management.

Internationally recognized service providers have ITIL accreditation as an essential requirement for professionals in the field of services management, which is why it can help advance your career internationally.

 An understanding of Standard Language:

 Many service managers employ advanced methods of managing their services but need a basic understanding of the terminology or the processes.

ITIL certification can help you understand the common language and procedures extensively used across the globe.

Innovative Approach to Enhance the Initiatives:

 Intelligent professionals can find better ways to showcase their talents and beliefs.

ITIL courses and workshops offer intelligent skills that can help you determine the best way to enhance your efforts.

Aids in Introducing Proactive Culture:

 ITIL training gives you the confidence to invent new methods to increase customer satisfaction.

ITIL training can help you concentrate more on your clients’ needs and experiences.

The knowledge gained from using the ITIL Framework and Tools will help improve the quality of service by developing a positive attitude.

 Improves Confidence and Capabilities:

 The quality of the service provided is contingent on the employees’ abilities, and organizations require competent and competent experts in Services Management to stand out from the competition.

ITIL certification programs are designed to create competent service managers with improved abilities to meet the challenges in specific areas.

 This makes you a key contributor To a company’s growth:

 ITIL-certified training improves your skills, efficiency, productivity, and ability to improve your relationships with clients and within the company.

ITIL experience helps you to make your processes more efficient by optimizing the utilization of the resources you have available.

A comprehensive approach to getting higher ROI while keeping the focus on risks helps your organization to sustain its growth.

Career Boost:

 Successfully completing the ITIL training confers you with an internationally recognized certification and experience consequently, you’re paid higher.

Most project professionals agree that they received a 15 percent salary increase following their ITIL certification, apart from the salary aspect, the broader scope, and more chances to grow.

Practical Training

Advanced Syllabus

Best Stimulations

Axelos ITIL Certification Levels

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, also known as ITIL, is the leading framework for managing IT services across the globe. ITIL establishes a service lifecycle model that specifies the specific procedures and actions in the development, design delivery, and maintenance of IT services.

ITIL provides four different levels of certification:

ITIL Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation certification is intended to be an introduction for ITIL 4 and allows applicants to explore IT Service Management from beginning to end.

ITIL Managing professional

The Managing Professional stream gives practical and technical information about IT enabled workflows and services.

ITIL Strategic leader

An ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) You Know how ITIL can help your company to complete the Digital Transformation Journey and become a digital company.

ITIL Master

The ITIL4 Master certification is the most prestigious ITIL certificate. This means that you've mastered not only the theoretical aspects of ITIL techniques, and methods, but you can also apply the Best Practices

itil v4 foundation course

Why Choose us for Axelos ITIL Certification Course

Hands on Practice

Hands-on lab exercises with detailed answers.

Best Support

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Real-life Case Studies

Realistic and relevant case studies that you can relate to your own projects.

Highly Qualified

Expert team of highly qualified faculty members.

Guidance from Experienced Instructors

Guidance throughout the entire course from highly experienced instructors who are there to help you at every step of the way.

Axelos ITIL Certification Course Objectives

Candidates who are taking the ITIL 4 Foundation exam should have a fundamental understanding of how to create useful products and services for customers and their stakeholders, as well as the core concepts that comprise ITIL 4, the four aspects of managing service and the best practices in ITIL 4, and key concepts of agile, lean and DevOps.

It is recommended that candidates should have at the very least 1-2 years of experience working for an IT-related company, but it’s not mandatory

Who Can attend psm 2 Certification

itil v4 foundation Certification elevates you to new heights in your profession and can make you an expert in real-time projects

  • IT Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Network Operators
  • IT Suppliers
  • Help Desk Managers
  • Incident Managers
  • System Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • Security Managers
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Database Administrators
  • IT Professionals who are part of ITSM improvement tasks
  • Anybody who wants to gain knowledge of the all-new ITIL® 4 best practices
  • Anybody who is looking to clear their ITIL® 4 Foundation certification exam
itil v4 foundation course

itil v4 foundation Certification Benefits

The primary benefit is that ITIL lets you increase your productivity.

Being certified as an ITIL-certified professional means, you have an improved working method that is exemplary and has the capacity.

It is often noticed that in many companies, there are experts who still need to finish their work and still need to finish.

The result is that the project gets a lot of work and could cause the project to be delayed by an important undertaking deadline.

The entire project is at risk. A certificate from ITIL will allow you to obtain Continuous Service Improvement within a task that has been accepted.

It’s an excellent method to prove your credentials as a professional with a solid background.

It guarantees that you will provide high-quality food and delivery services for the job at hand.

Achieve a high level of trust and expand your knowledge with ITIL training accreditation.

This will allow you to succeed more effectively with your peers and open up more lucrative opportunities to enhance your career.

Furthermore, as you continue striving to attain every stage of certification within ITIL and ITIL, it will allow you to keep your control sturdier in the field.

Your knowledge of the subject will surpass that of your peers who don’t have the certification. The result is an enhanced portfolio.


itil v4 foundation certified

itil v4 foundation course Exam Format

The format of the exam will aid you in determining a plan to study and take this test in the most efficient method.

The first thing to note is that the maximum allowable duration for ITIL Foundation Exam is 60 minutes.

Second, the test is comprised of 40 total questions.

Further, the exam is based on multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. So, you’ll have several options for each question, and you can use the elimination technique to determine the right option(s).

Additionally, there aren’t negative points for incorrect answers. Therefore, you can test your guessing skills any time you feel it is needed.

The exam fee for ITIL Foundation Exams is USD 324. You’ll need to pay the tax per the laws of your state.

itil v4 Foundation Course Exam Retake Policy

Within a month after the exam failing, students who would like to take an ITIL test must provide a written transcript of their exam results to request an exam voucher to retake.

  • These vouchers last for one year, beginning when they were issued.
  • Retake vouchers are only valid for online exams.

What Our Students Have to Say

I took the itil v4 foundation course by Certificationmantra. As soon as the course was completed, I got placed in MNC . Trainer explains in a way that even a non-IT student can easily understand. The trainer and institute hr is very supportive.I wholeheartedly recommend Certificationmantrafor, everyone. It was the most enjoyable experience I've had learning with them.
Freshers should join on Certificationmantra. Since their facilities are efficient in explaining skills and are pleasant, .they impart excellent and clear itil v4 foundation course .he was able to interact with students and to clarify their questions very well..Finally, I got my job thanks Certificationmantra Team
Geetha Reddy
Certificationmantra is the top institution in Hyderabad with a great teaching staff. I am in training to become a certified ITIL v4 foundation course Training is a different method of instruction for the subject. They also give the students a variety of tasks and to be able to work in MNC for every student. Thanks for this type of training and your precious time.Thanks, Certificationmantra Team
One of the best places in Hyderabad, with a pleasant atmosphere and an extremely positive interaction between faculty and students. I did ITIL v4 foundation course at Certificationmantra, I am extremely grateful to the trainer who helped me to get the best information in this area. That is a great investment in my career. It is a great opportunity to begin your career under the guidance of one of the top instructors.
Radhika Kour
Certificationmantra is the perfect place to study the foundation course and begin their career. I've registered here to receive ITIL V4 foundation course training. The instructor is very skilled and knowledgeable. His approach to teaching is top-quality, and he can explain every concept through examples from daily life to make it easier to comprehend the fundamentals. He will present the concepts in a practical and theoretical approach so that you can better understand them. Excellent training in Hyderabad for the ITIL V4 foundation course, thanks to Certificationmantra Team
Excellent institute to polish your software abilities. I completed the ITIL v4 foundation course with a trainer who is clear about my doubts and concise, and the method he teaches is amazing.his method of explaining concepts is similar to real-time work.. My experience was a great institute. Thank you, Certificationmantra, for providing the knowledge that I need.. If you are looking to enrol for the ITIL V4 foundation course, you must enrol in classes with Certificationmantra Team
itil v4 training

Frequently Asked Questions

According to statistics, nearly 80% of people take the test each time. The test is easy. However, it requires an adequate amount of preparation.

The certification has no prerequisites, and anyone who is curious about the subject can take this test.

The itil v4 foundation Certification exam’s duration is 1 hour.

There’s no restrictions on the number of times you are able to take the test, so long you pay for it.

you must score at least 65% and above  in order to pass this test.

You can work in every industry by obtaining PSM 2 Certification 

  • Information Technology Project Manager 
  • Information Technology Manager 
  • Service Delivery Manager 
  • Senior Project Manager 
  • Information Technology Director 

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

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