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azure data fundamentals dp 900 course

Key Highlights of DP900 Course

dp900 course

Describe ways to represent data

  • Describe features of structured data
  • Describe features of semi-structured
  • Describe features of unstructured data

Identify options for data storage 

  • Describe common formats for data files
  • Describe types of databases

Describe common data workloads

  • Describe features of transactional workloads
  • Describe features of analytical workloads

Identify roles and responsibilities for data workloads   

  • Describe responsibilities for database administrators
  • Describe responsibilities for data engineers
  • Describe responsibilities for data analysts

Describe relational concepts

  • Identify features of relational data
  • Describe normalization and why it is used
  • Identify common structured query language (SQL) statements
  • Identify common database objects

Describe relational Azure data services

  • Describe the Azure SQL family of products including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL
  • Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
  • Identify Azure database services for open-source database systems

Describe capabilities of Azure storage

  • Describe Azure Blob storage
  • Describe Azure File storage
  • Describe Azure Table storage

Describe capabilities and features of Azure Cosmos DB

    • Identify use cases for Azure Cosmos DB
    • Describe Azure Cosmos DB APIs

Describe common elements of large-scale analytics     

  • Describe considerations for data ingestion and processing
  • Describe options for analytical data stores
  • Describe Azure services for data warehousing, including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Azure HDInsight, and Azure Data Factory

Describe consideration for real-time data analytics

  • Describe the difference between batch and streaming data
  • Describe technologies for real-time analytics including Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Synapse Data Explorer, and Spark structured streaming
  • Describe data visualization in Microsoft Power BI – Identify capabilities of Power BI
  • Describe features of data models in Power BI
  • Identify appropriate visualizations for data
azure data fundamentals dp900 exam course questions

What Is DP900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Course

This exam offers the opportunity to show proficiency in fundamental data concepts and the associated Microsoft Azure data services.
Candidates must be familiar with Exam DP-900’s self-paced and instructor-led study materials.

Through our training, you can prepare to sit for the DP-900 examination.

Candidates must be aware of relational and non-relational information and the various types of data work, including analytical or transactional.
This test is intended for students just beginning to work with data stored in the cloud.

What are Azure Fundamental Certification For Beginners

DP-900 vs AZ-900 vs AI-900

There are three Azure Basic Certification for those who are new to the cloud, i.e. AZ-900 for Cloud AI-900, for AI, ML, Data Science and DP-900 to be used to work with data (DBA, Data Engineers, and Data Architects) on the cloud.

Find out the difference in DP-900 vs AZ-900 vs AI-900

azure dp 900 certification

What Is Azure?

Azure is cloud computing platform designed by Microsoft to create and test deploy, manage, and test applications and services using data centers that are managed by Microsoft. 

It offers software as service (SaaS) also known as platform as an service (PaaS) infrastructure as the service (IaaS) and is compatible with numerous programming tools, languages and frameworks, such as the Microsoft-specific as well as third-party tools and software

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900

The AZ-900 certification, AI-900, and DP-900 are Azure basic level certifications that provide the foundation for expert and associate levels of certification. They help you gain knowledge and become familiar with the work environment.

The AZ-900 course is intended for people who are looking to take their first steps into Cloud or are just beginning to learn about Azure. It assists candidates in demonstrating the basics of cloud-based services and how they are delivered by Microsoft Azure.

Azure Fundamentals is a great way to get ready you for other Azure certifications based on roles such as Azure Administrator [AZ-104], Azure DevOps Engineer, [AZ-404] and more

However, it’s not an essential requirement for any of these.

The roles available to AZ-900 comprise Azure Cloud architect, Azure Cloud Administrator, Azure Consultant, and many more

Candidates are tested on the following 6 Skills:

  • Understand Cloud Concepts
  • Understand Core Azure Services
  • Understand Core Solutions And Management Tools On Azure
  • Describe General Security And Network Security Features
  • Describe Identity, Governance, Privacy, And Compliance Features
  • Describe Azure Cost Management And Service Level Agreements

There are also Step-by-Step Guidance for Hands-On that have been that are recommended by us to assist in understanding cloud concepts better. They are essential from an examination perspective

For more information about the AZ-900 certification, read the blog post on Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Everything You Need to Learn

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an extensive field of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines that can perform tasks that usually require human expertise.

Machine learning is a part of AI which aids systems by giving them the capability to learn automatically and enhance their performance from previous experiences without having to be explicitly programed.

AI 900 certification is ideal for cloud professionals looking to gain a solid understanding of machines learning as well as AI concepts.

It is also ideal for those who would like to pursue a career as a professional in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

This test is intended for those with tech-related and not technical backgrounds. but having some basic background in programming or prior experience will be helpful.

AI-900 is a great way to prepare you for other Azure roles-based certifications like Azure Data Scientist Associate. however it’s not required for any exam.

The jobs for AI-900 includes AI/Machine Learning Engineers, AI Cloud Engineers, AI Consultants and many more.

Candidates are evaluated on five competencies:

  • Artificial Intelligence workloads , and the aspects
  • Know the fundamental principles of machine learning Azure
  • Computer Vision Workloads on Azure
  • Know the capabilities that are part of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads that run on Azure
  • Discover the characteristics of conversational AI workloads that run on Azure

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900

Data is information that has a format that’s suitable to process. Data may be either in a structured or an unstructured format. 

DP-900 is designed for those who are looking to get started with cloud-based data and acquire basic knowledge in cloud-based data service, as well as develop their knowledge base of cloud-based data services within Microsoft Azure.

Azure Data Fundamentals could be utilized to help prepare you for other Azure roles-based certifications, such as Azure Data Engineer Associate and Azure Data Scientist Associate or Azure Database Administrator Associate, but it’s not a requirement to pass any of these tests.

The roles that are available for DP-900 comprise DBA, Data Engineers, and Data Analyst.

Candidates are evaluated on the following four competencies:

  • Know the core concepts of data
  • Define how to connect to relational data using Azure
  • Explain the methods to deal with non-relational information on Azure
  • Explain an analytics workstation using Azure

There are a few Step-by-Step, Hands-On guides suggested , which will provide the Students a thorough understanding of how these concepts can be used effectively and are crucial from a test perspective.

For more information about the DP-900 certification, read the blog post on Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals [DP-900] Everything You Need to Learn

dp900 course cheat sheet

DP 900 Course Certification Importance

This DP 900 Course course will help you prepare to be a data engineer, analyst and Database Administrator positions.

It will help you understand what roles, tasks, and responsibilities lie in the data field.

The course will cover options for relational data services, creating and deploying relational databases, and accessing and querying data from relational databases using Microsoft Azure cloud-based data solutions.

It will also explore non-relational database options, the provisioning and deploying of non-relational databases and data stores, and the processing options to build data analytics solutions within Microsoft Azure.

Explore Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks and Azure HDInsight and discover what Power BI comprises, its essential components, and how they interact.

Practical Training

Advanced Syllabus

Best Stimulations

DP 900 Certification Levels

Microsoft has separated its certifications into four levels. These range from beginner to expert. Microsoft provides all certificates in these four levels. Foundations Certification – Fundamentals Certification is designed for people who have just started to learn about cloud concepts. People without can also use these certifications without technical backgrounds to begin their journey into the cloud. 

Fundamentals Certifications

first step into the world of Azure that will set you up with the foundational knowledge

Associate Certification

If you're familiar with Azure, you can apply for these certifications on your resume.

Expert Certification

This is for those with prior experience, deep understanding, as well as associate-level knowledge in Azure.

Specialty Certification

This is currently only available for certain roles such as Azure for the SAP Workloads and Microsoft Azure IOT Specialist.

Why Choose us for AZ 104 Certification Course

Hands on Practice

Hands-on lab exercises with detailed answers.

Best Support

Support provided by our friendly support team

Real-life Case Studies

Realistic and relevant case studies that you can relate to your own projects.

Highly Qualified

Expert team of highly qualified faculty members.

Guidance from Experienced Instructors

Guidance throughout the entire course from highly experienced instructors who are there to help you at every step of the way.

DP900 Course Objectives

Here are some requirements for Microsoft’s Azure Data Fundamentals certification exam. Anyone who meets the requirements listed  can appear for the DP-900 exam for certification.

  • The data architects and the data engineers, administrators and other individuals with basic understanding of non-relational and relational data as well as different tasks can take the DP-900 exam.
  • A basic understanding regarding Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL) as well as Azure services is a must for applicants to have prior to obtaining this certification.
  • Basic understanding of query views, schema, and views are required to appear in the DP-900 certification exam.
  • The knowledge of storage containers and managed services in Microsoft Azure, will also aid you in your preparation for the DP-900 exam ..

Who Can attend DP 900 Course Certification

To be able to master your cloud-based data, you must have the proper foundation – a deep knowledge of the fundamental concepts in data like relationship data, non relational data big data and analytics. Also, a thorough understanding of different roles and tasks and responsibilities of data and analytics. This Certification can help to prove that it.

The certification provides the base you’ll need to establish your technical abilities to begin working on cloud data. 

The basics you learn will help you kick-start your career, and also prepare you for a deeper dive into the other opportunities in the field of Azure technology

Certification course include:

    • Cloud computing engineers
    • Cloud computing consultants
    • Cloud computing specialists
    • Aspiring cloud computing professionals
    • Business analysts
    • Data analysts
    • Data scientists
    • Business intelligence professionals
    • Data engineers
    • Aspiring data engineers
    • Database administrators
    • Students of computer science
    • Students of computer engineering
    • Students of software engineering
    • Software engineers
    • Developers
    • IT Managers
    • Anyone interesting in learning more about Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing functionalities
dp 900 vs az 900 dumps

How Can I pass the DP900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification Exam?

The achievement of Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification can provide you with complete knowledge of the basic data concepts and how data services operate within Microsoft’s Azure platform. 

The Microsoft Azure certification also sets an excellent foundation for those who want to build their careers in an Azure data-driven position.

Once you have a clear idea of what you need to do to prepare for your exam DP 900 Course, it’s time to consider why you should dedicate all your effort to improving your existing exam skills. 

One of the most apparent benefits of becoming a  Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification  is the possibility of receiving a more excellent annual salary.

According to the most reputable job site, the median yearly wage for Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification  is of $97,069 In addition, if you include an international certificate in your resume or Linkedin profile, your chances of being hired at a desirable company are much more significant. 

Employers appreciate applicants with an international certificate because they see the badge as proof that the applicant’s skills are thoroughly checked and analyzed. Alongside advancements in professional skills.

 You also have an opportunity to stay informed of the latest developments in cloud computing. Cloud computing is among the most modern technologies in the market, and businesses are using it globally. 


microsoft data fundamentals dp900 certificate course

DP900 Course Exam Format

The next step in preparing for the test is to learn about the DP 900 exam format. The Microsoft DP 900 exam is 60 minutes long and consists of approximately 40-60 questions. 

The test is conducted via Pearson VUE and costs $99 for candidates within the United States. The costs for exam takers from other countries may vary from the amount.

 Individuals can select among the various languages used in the test, which include English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. To pass the exam and earn the certificate, applicants must attain a minimum pass score of 700 marks out of 1000. 

How to Take DP 900 Course Certification Exam?

DP 900 Course Certification is the latest and greatest in the industry. With DP 900 Course Exam, you can take control of your career and achieve success. The Exam is rigorous, so be prepared for all that it entails. 

How much does the DP900 Course Certification Cost?

USD 99 (based on the location) is a new fee that Microsoft is   offering. This fee is designed to help students afford their exams. 

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian .

DP 900 Course Certification Exam Retake Policy

There are many applicants who have questions regarding the Exam retake policy. Let’s look at the cases that are defined – 

If you’re capable of passing the test the first time around the next time, you’ll be required to wait at least 24 hours before taking the Exam again. 

 If you’re capable of passing the test after the second time around in the meantime, the period to sit for the examination the next time is extended to 14 days. 

 So you are allowed to take five Retakes per year. 

Exam Cancellation Policy for DP900 Course Certification

If you intend to cancel or modify the appointment, it must be made at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled examination time in order that there will be no cost for cancellation. 

 If there’s a cancellation or rescheduling that is not made within 5 business days, you’ll be charged a small fee. 

 If you do not change or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the full exam fee will be forfeited.  

What Our Students Have to Say

certificationmantra is among the top institutions for Azure DevOps . I took my course through certificationmantra and it was a great help in my professional career. The teaching style is easy to grasp even for beginners. The method of teaching is extremely clear and he will instruct from beginning to end . The team at certificationmantra is very helpful for me throughout the process . I would recommend certificationmantra to everyone who is fresher and has experience. Anyone Who interested for Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 course. Thank you certificationmantra team
I would strongly recommend joining certificationmantra. If you want to learn Azure DevOps without any technical knowledge, certificationmantra is the best place to join. Compared to other institutes, the concepts covered here are helpful in real-time and which is very easy to understand. The instructor has a vast knowledge of cloud technologies. The way he shares his knowledge is excellent, and we can easily approach him for any kind of queries or doubts without any hesitation.certificationmantra is really helpful for career growth and to increase our technical knowledge and to get Good Job.
certificationmantra is the Best platform To learn Azure DevOps in hyderabad . Here, we know a lot of Subject Information. One of the Best Experiences with The trainer. He Teaches very well. Everyone can join without any Doubts About The certification mantra thank you all.
Madhuri Reddy
I've completed the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 course at Certificationmantra. It is the most effective training institute for cloud as well as server-based DevOps courses Training is based on practical instruction on real-time projects and mentors who are real time. Certificationmantra is the most effective way to learning Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 training in Hyderabad. I was able to be placed in the MNC Company under the direction certificationmantra Team .Thank you all
Excellent institute for Azure DevOps. Excellent teaching quality. they provide good examples of every concept. I would recommend anyone who is changing careers to Microsoft Azure Data Fundamental please go with certificationmantra, The trainer who teaches theoretical and practical labs very well. The method he teaches is easy to understan and enjoyable.
I've successfully completed DP900 certification and want to say thank you for the step-by-step guide to this course that covers every aspect related to DP 900.Thanks to Certificationmantra Team .Best place in Hyderabad to learn Azure related cloud certifications
dp 900 vs az 900

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam can be extremely difficult and it’s natural that you’ll be overwhelmed by the quantity of material to be covered. Although you’ll never be able know all the information, here is our professional trainer  suggest and the ways he can help students to pass the test.

Database Engineers, Data Architects Database Administrators, Data Engineers, or anyone with knowledge of concepts related to non-relational or relational data, as well as different kinds of workloads like analytical and transactional can take the DP-900 test.

Students will study the fundamentals of data, like relational, non-relational, large data and analytics and develop their fundamental understanding of cloud data services offered by Microsoft Azure. Students will study the fundamental notions of relational data and database services within Azure.

The DP 900  test is a one hour test. 

You can take five attempts within a year after the first attempt to clear the test.

The score required to pass the DP 900  test is 700 marks out of 1000. 

There is no way to be penalized for a wrong answer. In the case of single-point items, you have to be able to answer completely and correctly. You don’t get points for any part of your answer which isn’t correct. 

In a matter of minutes after finishing the exam, you will know that you have passed the exam successfully or failed. In addition, you will be provided with the report in a paper format that will include your exam score and feedback about what you did in the skills areas you were tested. 

You can work in every industry by obtaining DP900 Microsoft Azure provides cloud solutions for a variety of sectors, including  

  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Entertainment and media
  • Agriculture
  • Gaming
  • Banking

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian  

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