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salesforce admin certificate

Highlights of Salesforce Admin Certificate Course

Salesforce Admin Certificate Course Syllabus

  • Describe the information found within the company settings.
  • Understand and distinguish the administration of declarative configurations of the User Interface. (For example, UI settings, app menu, list views, global actions, Lightning App Builder).
  • Show the user how to properly set up and maintain their users by demonstrating a situation.
  • Explain the different security controls for your organization. (For example, Setup Audit Trail. Login Hours. Session Settings.
  • For each user request scenario, use the Salesforce sharing model to determine the security controls that will be applied. (For example, public groups, default at the org level, sharing: roles, subordinates hierarchy, report, dashboard folders).
  • Consider the following scenario to determine whether a custom profile is appropriate.


  • Describe the relationship model and standard object architecture. (For example standard object, parent/child, master detail/lookup/junction relationships, and record types.)
  • Explain how to modify, delete, or customize pages and fields on custom and standard objects. Also, what the consequences are of deleting fields?
  • Consider a situation and determine how to create page layouts, record types, and business processes, and assign pages for standard and custom objects.
  • You must identify the implications and capabilities of the selling process given a scenario. (For example, Sales process, opportunity, path, and forecast impact.
  • Take a scenario and apply the appropriate sales productivity features with opportunity tools. Dashboards, Einstein possibility scoring, Einstein lead scoring, and a home page assistant are just a few examples.
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations of lead automation tools. (For example, Leads, lead convert, lead assignment Rules, Campaign and Campaign Members.
  • Describe case management capabilities. (For example, case, case assignment rules, queues)
  • You must identify the best way to automate case handling given a particular scenario. For example, you could automate case management by using case auto-response 


  • Describe the capabilities associated with activity management.
  • Define the Chatter’s features.
  • Salesforce Mobile App: Describe its capabilities
  • AppExchange application use cases can be identified.
  • Discuss the factors to consider when you are importing, updating, moving, mass deleting exporting, and backing up information.
  • Discuss the benefits and capabilities of tools for data validation.
  • Define the options you have in the process of making or customizing a report and report format.
  • Define the impact from the shared model to reports.
  • Define the options that are available for creating and altering dashboards (e.g. dashboard components including data sources Chart types and Subscribing).
  • Based on the situation, choose the most appropriate automation solution based on the software’s capabilities.
  • Define capabilities and use scenarios for Flow.
  • Define the features and applications for this approval process.
salesforce admin certificate exams

What is the Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam?

This Salesforce Admin exam guide gives you an overview of the Salesforce Administrator certification that is the most basic certification for every Salesforce professional. 

The exam tests your understanding of Salesforce features configurations, features, and cloudsthat you’ve obtained through education and practical experience.

This test covers the full range of Salesforce features that are available to end-users as well as the configurations for administrators to aid companies in gaining the most experience from Salesforce across both the Service as well as Collaboration Clouds. 

Salesforce will test your knowledge of the basic CRM platform capabilities, including the fundamentals aspects of Sales and Service Cloud and how to extend the basic Salesforce features.

For those who are looking to begin your career in Salesforce this test is the best opportunity to gain and prove your expertise. 

Employers can be confident that they are aware of Salesforce configurations, know how to handle the most common business needs and can perform administrative tasks by using the latest Salesforce tools.

Salesforce suggests that applicants must have least six months working experience as an administrator for Salesforce administrator in order to be able to perform Salesforce administrator’s duties and responsibilities, and to complete all the tasks listed in the exam’s goals.

 It is therefore essential to follow a logical training plan that includes comprised of training along with certifications and experiences in the field. 

This test is also a prerequisite to other Salesforce certifications, which means that you must know the basic concepts prior to pursuing higher-level certifications.

Salesforce Admin Certificate Course Advantages

Salesforce certification has many purposes. It helps you to identify your skills and expertise and assists recruiters in recognizing them.

Salesforce certification will help clients hire you confidently. Certification is more impressive than just a list of paragraphs that try to convince an employer about your knowledge.

You’ll be more successful in your search for a job if the credential is with you.

Salesforce Admin certification is required to start your Salesforce career.

It is an important role in an organization that uses Salesforce. All areas of the company can command your attention and give feedback.

Administrator, or Admin, is the entry into Salesforce. You should not limit your options to Admin. There are more challenging roles ahead, and you will be more respected if you work harder. 

There are several Salesforce Administrator career paths that you can consider. Learn the development module if you are already Salesforce Admin. Then, get certified. You will be recognized if you earn the certificate.

Salesforce Administrators can understand the company’s structure and work hard for the success of each department through automation. The administrator ensures that every department works in sync and the business runs smoothly.

Salesforce Certification has many benefits.

Companies are increasing their Salesforce partner level to meet the challenges of increased competition.

Their chances of becoming partners are high if they have many certified consultants in their organization.

Employers may find it difficult to highlight your skills if you’re not a certified professional.

These are some of the many benefits that Salesforce certification offers:

1. Validate your knowledge and skills

Salesforce certifications provide in-depth knowledge about the Salesforce platform and validate it.

 It enhances your customer service skills and helps you increase sales.

Your expertise is also displayed to potential employers as well as your competitors. 

It demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge to manage admin tasks on the platform. 

You must meet certain requirements to pass the Salesforce certification exam. 

The credential shows that you have the necessary competencies.

2. Get hands-on experience

Salesforce credentials allow you to have the hands-on experience required for work efficiency and high demand.

 The training course and trailhead modules prepare you for difficult work and projects. 

It will also enhance your Resume and work profile.

Salesforce certification is a prerequisite for professionals in the industry.

3. Attract Recruiters. A Reward for Your Expertise

Salesforce certification allows recruiters to filter the best talent by identifying those with the required knowledge and experience. 

Salesforce is a competitive job market with many applicants for the same position.

Salesforce credential increases your ability to configure the platform better and improves performance. 

Salesforce certification proves that you are capable of optimizing Salesforce for your company. 

It is also proof that you can meet the business’s needs.

4. Salesforce Platform: Understanding the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce certification is a way to master Salesforce and fully understand the platform. 

This will bring many benefits to your organization. Your hard work is appreciated and your clients and customers are able to benefit from the platform. 

Salesforce is a platform that helps businesses meet their business needs.

This certification prepares you to quickly navigate the platform and find solutions quickly. 

This certification prepares you to quickly handle customer requests and navigate through the application.

5. Promotions, higher salaries, and other job opportunities

Salesforce certifications allow you to negotiate a higher salary, ask for promotion, and look into better career opportunities.

 The Salesforce platform continues to grow at a rapid pace, so we can predict that it will continue growing and expand even further. 

Salesforce will continue its transformation and certified professionals will be in high demand.

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salesforce admin syllabus

Salesforce Admin Certification Types

Salesforce Certifications, which are industry-recognized standards, are qualifications that verify your ability to work in a particular field within Salesforce. 

There are several Salesforce certifications. Each one has different levels of qualification.

Based on the skills they have, credentials can be classified into eight types. :

  • Salesforce Certifications For Administrators
  • Salesforce Certifications For Developers
  • Salesforce Certifications For Architects
  • Salesforce Certifications For App Builders
  • Salesforce Certifications for Implementation Experts and Consultants
  • Salesforce Certifications For Marketers
  • Pardot Experts can get Salesforce Certifications
  • Salesforce Certifications For CPQ Specialists

What are Salesforce Certifications?

We have already mentioned that there are eight different Salesforce credentials, each certifying a range of skill sets.

 We will be focusing on Salesforce credentials for Developers and Administrators in this article.

For Administrators

Any enterprise’s success is dependent on its administrators. The Salesforce Administrators certification validates your ability to set up and manage Sales and Service Cloud apps. 

It allows you to collaborate with stakeholders and create the platform to meet their needs.

The following concepts are required to be able to earn the Salesforce Administrator credential.

  • Management of data and users
  • Service Cloud and Sales Cloud applications can be customized or maintained.
  • Building reports, dashboards and workflows

Salesforce offers two levels in administrator credentials: Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Advanced Administrator.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

This certification assesses and verifies the candidate’s ability to customize Salesforce, manage users, configure the platform, and discover ways to make the most of the capabilities and features offered by Salesforce.

Salesforce Certified Administrator is a qualifying exam that requires you to complete 60 multiple-choice question within 110 minutes. Passing score: 65%

Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator

This credential is designed for professionals who have experience using Salesforce’s advanced administration capabilities.

It also validates the candidate’s proficiency in designing advanced reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator is a qualifying exam that consists 60 multiple-choice question.

The registration fee is $200. Passing is at 65%

Salesforce  Developers

Salesforce Developers often customize CRM applications to a great extent and have the right combination of declarative coding and coding skills that allow them to develop and extend custom applications for clients on 

The Salesforce Developer certification measures these skills and tests a candidate’s ability.

They are intended to test a developer’s technical proficiency as well as their real world experience. 

These three levels can be found below:

Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

This certification validates candidates’ knowledge and skills in using Commerce Cloud Digital to create an eCommerce solution.

 To earn this credential, you must understand the following concepts:

  • Troubleshooting file synchronization problems between UX Studio & the sandbox
  • Use the product data modeling to manage product inventory and product categorization
  • Modifying your site search preferences so that you can search for a product attribute
  • How to create a custom object
  • Configuring OCAPI permissions data and shop APIs
  • JavaScript controllers that can render templates/JSON

Qualifying criteria include solving 60 multiple-choice question within 110 minutes, and scoring 70%. 

This certification costs $200 to register.

Salesforce Certified Platform Designer I

This certification is appropriate for experienced developers. Employers will be able to see that the candidate has the knowledge and skill to create custom declarative and programmatic applications with

This credential requires a deep understanding of the following topics in order to qualify:

  • Designing data model, user interface and business logic. Security for custom applications
  • Visualforce and Apex can be used to create custom applications
  • Familiarity is a key component of a full development lifecycle
  • Knowing the environments available

To earn this credential, you must pass the qualifying exam. This exam consists of 60 multiple-choice question. It should be completed in 105 mins and scored 68%. $200 is the registration fee for Platform Developer I certification.

Certified Salesforce Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credentials demonstrate a candidate’s deep knowledge of data modeling as well as the coding capabilities of

 It certifies that a developer is able to create complex business logic or interfaces using

The qualification exam for this certification tests your knowledge of:

  • Design, development and testing of programmatic solutions that can be reused and maintained.
  • Apex design patterns and best practices for object-oriented programing

However, this certification can be difficult to obtain. To obtain the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credential you will need to answer 60 multiple-choice question within 120 minutes. The registration fee is $400

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Salesforce Admin Certificate Course Objectives

Salesforce Admin Certificate Training Eligibility

This course is ideal for business development executives, sales managers, IT professionals, and freshers.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to learn the salesforce admin certification training.

If you are familiar with basic concepts of sales and data management such as CRM,SQL,OOPS,OOPS concepts, or sales, it will be an advantage to enroll in this certification course.

Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam Pattern

  • There are 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.
  • The exam is time-bound and you have 180 minutes for submission.
  • You have the option of taking the exam at the test centre or remotely via your computer.
  • You can attempt all questions.
  • There is no negative marking on the exam.No matter if it’s a single or multiple-select question, each question is scored equally.
  • You can mark the questions and review them during the test before you submit the exam.It is not an open-book exam.
  • You cannot refer to any hard-copy material or online materials during the exam.

Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam Cost?

Candidates will need to pay a USD 200 registration fee, and a USD 100 retake fee.

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian .

Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam Retake Policy

You have three chances to pass the same certification exam within each release cycle (i.e. Salesforce Certified Administrator). If you fail your second attempt, you must wait 14 days.

Salesforce Admin Certificate Exam Cancellation Policy

You can reschedule your exam if you are unable to take the scheduled exam for any reason.

If you notify 72 hours before the exam starts, you can cancel or reschedule your exam.

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Great sessions to learn all the essential principles that are part of Salesforce Admin Certificate training. Thanks to the team that helped and also. Thanks to Certificationmantra
Certificationmantra is the most efficient way to earn the salesforce administrator certification. How he teaches the subject is engaging, and he is aware of the needs of each student. He explains the subject using real-time examples. I am extremely happy to have taken part in the class and happy to have a knowledgeable instructor. His teaching was fascinating as well as engaging. Thanks to Certificationmantra
I attended a salesforce admin certification training with Certificationmantra. It was very informative and beneficial for us. The instructor explained all aspects in detail and assisted us do a few hands on exercises by ourselves.
It's an excellent method to build your salesforce administrator certification skills. I am extremely happy to see that the team is very accommodating. Certificationmantra's team and trainer are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in teaching.Trainer has taught us extremely clearly. The approach they take with each person is amazing. I am grateful to be a part of the certification mantra team. Thanks
Many people are seeking the most effective. salesforce admin certification training at Certificationmantra in Hyderabad, I strongly recommend Certificationmantra., the way the trainer taught us salesforce admin certification The class was great. Everyone can understand the notion quickly if this instructor is taught in the manner his teaching style and the exercises that he employs. The price of the course is reasonably priced.
Asma Parwin
It was an amazing learning experience at certificationmantra.The instructor has a deep understanding of salesforce admin certification, and concentrates on basic concepts. The classes begin with basic concepts that assist in establishing the groundwork. Then, he develops these levels, which is extremely helpful. The lessons and training were organized. Training sessions were practice. I started right from the beginning. He helped me understand and participate in ongoing projects which was a practical experience. All in all, I'd highly recommend the Institute to people who are just starting out and trying to improve their skills in obtaining the salesforce administrator certification.
Bhanu Ravindra

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce admin exam is difficult. You will need to dedicate three to four month of study in order to get the knowledge and skills required to become a Salesforce admin.  

Extensive knowledge in administration and maintenance Salesforce systems

  • Configuration & Setup: 20%
  • Object Manager & Lightning App Builder: 20%
  • Sales & Marketing Applications: 12%
  • Service & Support Applications: 11%
  • Productivity & Collaboration: 7%
  • Data & Analytics Management: 14%
  • Workflow/Process Automation: 16%

Salesforce Admin Certificate test is a  105 minutes to submit the exam.

The exam does not have negative marking on the exam.

The candidate is able to take the test in the English exam only.

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