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Highlights of DP 203 Training

dp 203 training syllabus

DP203 Training Syllabus

Design a data storage structure   

  • design an Azure Data Lake solution
  • recommend file types for storage
  • recommend file types for analytical queries
  • design for efficient querying
  • design for data pruning
  • design a folder structure that represents the levels of data transformation
  • design a distribution strategy
  • design a Data archiving solution
  •     Design a partition strategy       
  • design a partition strategy for files
  • design a partition strategy for analytical workloads
  • design a partition strategy for efficiency/performance
  • design a partition strategy for Azure Synapse Analytics
  • identify when partitioning is needed in Azure Data LakeStorage Gen2
  • Design the serving layer      
  • design star schemas
  • design slowly changing dimensions
  • design a dimensional hierarchy
  • design a solution for temporal Data
  • design for incremental loading
  • design analytical stores
  • design meta stores in Azure Synapse
  • Analytics and Azure Databricks

   Implement physical data storage structures        

  • implement compression
  • implement partitioning
  • implement sharding
  • implement different table geometries with Azure Synapse Analytics pools
  • implement data redundancy
  • implement distributions
  • implement data archiving

Implement logical data structures        

  • build a temporal data solution
  • build a slowly changing dimension
  • build a logical folder structure
  • build external tables
  • implement file and folder structures for efficient querying and Data pruning

     Implement the serving layer        

  • deliver data in a relational star schema
  • deliver data in Parquet files
  • maintain metadata
  • implement a dimensional hierarchy

Ingest and transform data  

  • transform data by using Apache Spark
  • transform data by using Transact-SQL
  • transform data by using Data Factory
  • transform data by using Azure Synapse
  • Pipelines
  • transform data by using Stream
  • Analytics
  • cleanse data
  • split data
  • shred JSON
  • encode and decode data
  • configure error handling for the
  • transformation
  • normalize and denormalize values
  • transform data by using Scala
  • perform data exploratory analysis
  • develop batch-processing solutions by using Data Factory,     Data Lake, Spark, Azure Synapse Pipelines,  PolyBase, and    Azure Databricks
  • create data pipelines
  • design and implement incremental data loads
  • design and develop slowly changing dimensions
  • handle security and compliance requirements
  • scale resources
  • configure the batch size
  • Design and develop a batch-processing solution
  • integrate Jupyter/Python notebooks into a data pipeline
  • handle duplicate data
  • handle missing data
  • handle late-arriving data
  • upsert data
  • regress to a previous state
  • design and configure exception handling
  • configure batch retention
  • design a batch-processing solution
  • debug Spark jobs by using the Spark UI
  • develop a stream processing solution by using Stream Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure Event Hubs
  • process data by using Spark structured streaming
  • monitor for performance and functional regressions
  • design and create windowed aggregates
  • handle schema drift
  • process time series data
  • process across partitions
  • process within one partition

Design and develop a stream-processing solution

  • configure checkpoints/watermarking during processing
  • scale resources
  • design and create tests for Data pipelines
  • optimize pipelines for analytical or transactional purposes
  • handle interruptions
  • design and configure exception handling
  • upsert data
  • replay archived stream data
  • design a stream processing solution
  • trigger batches
  • handle failed batch loads

Manage batches and pipelines

  • validate batch loads
  • manage data pipelines in Data Factory/Synapse Pipelines
  • schedule data pipelines in Data Factory/Synapse Pipelines
  • implement version control for pipeline artifacts
  • manage Spark jobs in a pipeline

Design security for data policies and standards     

  • design data encryption for data at rest and in transit
  • design a data auditing strategy
  • design a data masking strategy
  • design for data privacy
  • design a data retention policy
  • design to purge data based on business requirements
  • design Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) and POSIX-like Access Control List (ACL) for Data Lakes Storage Gen2
  • design row-level and column-level security
  • implement data masking
  • encrypt data at rest and in motion
  • implement row-level and column-level security
  • implement Azure RBAC
  • implement POSIX-like ACLs for Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • implement a data retention policy

Implement data security

  • Implement a data auditing strategy
  • manage identities, keys, and secrets across different data  platform technologies
  • implement secure endpoints (private and public)
  • implement resource tokens in Azure Databricks
  • load a DataFrame with sensitive information
  • write encrypted data to tables or Parquet files
  • manage sensitive information
  • Monitor data storage and Data processing   
  • implement logging used by Azure Monitor
  • configure monitoring services
  • measure the performance of data movement
  • monitor and update statistics about data across a system
  • monitor data pipeline performance
  • measure query performance
  • monitor cluster performance
  • understand custom logging options
  • schedule and monitor pipeline tests
  • interpret Azure Monitor metrics and logs
  • interpret a Spark directed acyclic graph (DAG)

Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing

  • small compact files
  • rewrite user-defined functions (UDFs)
  • handle skew in Data
  • handle data spill
  • tune shuffle partitions
  • find shuffling in a pipeline
  • optimize resource management
  • tune queries by using indexers
  • tune queries by using cache
  • optimize pipelines for analytical transactional purposes
  • optimize pipeline for descriptive versus analytical workloads
  • troubleshoot a failed spark job
  • troubleshoot a failed pipeline run
dp 203 certification cost

What is the Azure DP203 Data Engineering Exam?

Candidates for this exam must possess a solid understanding of the subject matter and have experience in integrating    transformation, consolidating, and transforming information from various data structures, both structured and unstructured, into a format that can be used to build analytics solutions.

Azure data engineers assist stakeholders in understanding data through exploratory research. They also design and maintain safe data processing pipelines using various tools.

These experts use a variety of Azure Data Services and Languages to store and produce datasets to be analyzed.

Azure data engineers help to ensure data pipelines and storage are efficient,high-performance,organized, and reliable concerning business requirements and limitations.

They deal with unexpected problems rapidly and reduce the loss of data. They also create, set up monitoring, analyze, and optimize data platforms to meet the requirements of the data pipeline.

Candidates for this test must be well-versed in the languages used for data processing, such as SQL, Python, or Scala. They also need to be able to comprehend parallel processing and pattern of data structures.

Microsoft DP 203 Data Engineering Associate Certification Advantages

The benefits of Azure certification include the opportunity to progress in your career, have access to various career opportunities and the possibility of earning an increase in salary, better capabilities, and enhanced security options for your company. 

Explore the ways getting Azure certification could provide these advantages.

Get More Recognized : Azure Data Engineering certification from Microsoft is accepted by every employer in the IT business. Candidates who are Microsoft certified get more attention.

Well paid Salary Offer: Microsoft certified professionals are offered a very attractive pay package compared to other applicants who are not certified.

Increases Possibilities: Microsoft Azure certification is an opportunity to access a broader range of possibilities. It is possible to work for reputable corporations by the achievement of Microsoft certification.

Enhance Your Portfolio Microsoft Azure Data Engineering certification is an excellent for your resume if your goal is to go into an interest in data engineering

Career growth: If you’re currently working in cloud computing or you are considering entering the field, you’ll be able to enhance your career by obtaining an Azure certification. 

Azure certifications are among the most sought-after certificates in IT in the present and can aid you in getting an improved job or advance into a more senior position within your career

Flexible Career Options:

 Microsoft Azure certification will allow individuals to take on various job opportunities. You can be a cloud architect,developer, or solution architect.

Additionally, this certification allows the holder to engage in different industries in various locations.

Businesses across all industries move to the cloud due to its storage, computing, and networking benefits.

The Azure certification can help you get into various roles within industries like finance, health care, and entertainment. Furthermore, numerous certified Azure professionals work in various areas such as France as well as France, the UK, France, the United States, and more.

Potential For Higher Earnings

If you are pursuing an Azure certificate on a Fundamentals level, you’ll get a salary of $101,002 as per ZipRecruiter

According to Data on salaries collected from Glassdoor, Azure certification makes an impact on your earnings potential.

 Azure cloud architects for instance are paid the average salary for a year of $120,275, and cloud architects earn less with an average of $114,7704.

You can observe similar trends in other cloud-related roles:

DevOps engineer: $105,441,Azure DevOps engineer: $110,635

Cloud engineer: $104,233,Azure cloud engineer: $114,631

Data engineer: $98,363, Azure data engineer: $111,526

Improved Skills:

The more you know about cloud computing the more competitive you are likely to be in the market for jobs.

 According to the previous salary statistics, people with the most advanced skills in Azure are paid more for the knowledge they possess. 

Azure certifications will help you develop your abilities in machine learning.

The most important skill that is assessed in the certification tests are a knowledge of cloud concepts and a thorough understanding of Azure’s key architecture components. 

Other areas of expertise covered includes Azure identity access, security, and access, as well as Governance and Compliance.

Increased security:

Being certified can help you increase your company’s security because you’ll be up-to-date with the most recent trends and solutions. It would help if you also renewed your certifications.

This will allow you to stay informed regarding new developments and technological advancements.

 This increased awareness of security can make you more attractive to employers looking to hire, specifically in roles requiring cloud security.

Practical Training

Advanced Syllabus

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DP203 Certification Levels

Microsoft has separated its certifications into four levels. These range from beginner to expert. Microsoft provides all certificates in these four levels. Foundations Certification – Fundamentals Certification is designed for people who have just started to learn about cloud concepts. People without can also use these certifications without technical backgrounds to begin their journey into the cloud. 

Associate Certification

If you're familiar with Azure, you can apply for these certifications on your resume.

Expert Certification

This is for those with prior experience, deep understanding, as well as associate-level knowledge in Azure.

Specialty certification

This is currently only available for certain roles such as Azure for the SAP Workloads and Microsoft Azure IOT Specialist.

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DP203 Training - Certification Course Objectives

dp 203 exam topics for learning path

DP203 Certification Exam Prerequisites

A data engineer for Azure is currently one of the most desirable job roles within the field of Microsoft Azure. It is the duty of data scientists is to oversee aspects of implementation that involve data, such as stream ingestion storage of data and transformation, security implementation and many more.

You can also be a data engineer by getting Microsoft Azure certifications based on role. 

 It would help if you had a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Azure certification before you begin the journey to Azure certification

To earn the Azure Data Engineer certification, you must take two exams and need to  pass

to obtain the position as a certified data engineer. Candidates for this Microsoft Azure certification, a data engineer must take the DP 200 and DP 201 examinations in the prescribed order to be an Azure professional.

There aren’t any specific prerequisites in these two tests. But, the candidates should be proficient in programming fundamentals and SQL syntax before beginning the certification course Azure offers.

Additionally, the hands-on knowledge of the candidates in data pipelines, distributed systems, and related database basics can be beneficial for the career of a data engineer.

DP 200 exam evaluates the abilities of candidates in the following areas:

  • Implementing data storage solutions.
  • Designing and managing Data processing solutions.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the solutions for data.
  • data storage solutions using Azure.
  • Developing data processing solutions.
  • Data security, compliance, and implementation.

Who Can Take DP203 Certification Training

There is a huge amount of raw Data being generated each day in the majority of IT Industries, so they require a team of experts who can connect, transform and integrate data from a variety of structured and unstructured systems of data into the structures that are appropriate to build analytics solutions.

 This is why there is a significant shortage in demand in the availability of Data Engineers.

This Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure certification is targeted at those who wish to develop their career within the Microsoft Azure domain.

It is a Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Engineer Associate exam that proves candidate can demonstrate basic knowledge and abilities in the field of Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure experts who wish to develop their skills in data engineering and assist users in understanding and understanding data.

  • Candidates who are interested in Data Engineering.
  • Data architects,Database Administrators and Business Intelligence professionals.
  • IT professionals who have a thorough knowledge of data processing languages, such as SQL, Python, or Scala.
  • People who are good at parallel processing and data  architecture patterns.
  • Data Engineers who transform, and consolidate data from various unstructured and structured data systems into structures.
  • Professionals who are looking to pass their exam for certification DP-203

How Do I pass the  DP 203 Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification

Once you have a clear idea of what you need to do to prepare for your exam DP 203, it’s time to consider why you should dedicate all your effort to improving your existing exam skills. 

One of the most apparent benefits of becoming a certified Microsoft Azure data engineer associate is the possibility of receiving a more excellent annual salary.

According to the most reputable job site, the median yearly wage for Microsoft Azure Administrators is of $101,002 In addition, if you include an international certificate in your resume or Linkedin profile, your chances of being hired at a desirable company are much more significant. 

Employers appreciate applicants with an international certificate because they see the badge as proof that the applicant’s skills are thoroughly checked and analyzed. Alongside advancements in professional skills.

 You also have an opportunity to stay informed of the latest developments in cloud computing. Cloud computing is among the most modern technologies in the market, and businesses are using it globally. 


dp 203 certification dumps, passing score

DP203 Certification Exam Pattern

The next step in preparing for the test is to learn about the DP-203 exam format. The Microsoft azure dp-203 data engineering  exam is 120 minutes long and consists of approximately 40-60 questions. 

The test is conducted via Pearson VUE and costs $165 for candidates within the United States. The costs for exam takers from other countries may vary from the amount.

 Individuals can select among the various languages used in the test, which include English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

To pass the exam and earn the certificate, applicants must attain a minimum pass score of 700 marks out of 1000. 

How to Take DP 203 Certification Exam?

DP 203 Certification is the latest and greatest in the industry. With DP 203 you can take control of your career and achieve success. 

The Exam is rigorous, so be prepared for all that it entails. 

Microsoft Azure DP203 Data Engineer Certification Exam Cost?

USD 165 (based on the location) is a new fee that Microsoft is offering. This fee is designed to help students afford their exams. 

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian .

DP 203 Certification Exam Retake Policy

There are many applicants who have questions regarding the Exam retake policy. Let’s look at the cases that are defined 

If you’re not capable of passing the test the first time around the next time, you’ll be required to wait at least 24 hours before taking the Exam again. 

 If you’re not capable of passing the test after the second time around in the meantime, the period to sit for the examination the next time is extended to 14 days. 

 So you are allowed to take five Retakes per year. 

DP203 Certification Exam Cancellation Policy

If you intend to cancel or modify the appointment, it must be made at least 6 business days prior to the scheduled examination time in order that there will be no cost for cancellation. 

 If there’s a cancellation or rescheduling that is not made within 5 business days, you’ll be charged a small fee. 

 If you do not change or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the full exam fee will be forfeited.  

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Certificationmantra courses are the perfect course designed for certification . It's an excellent tool for beginners where there is no need for assistance. Personally, I have found it to be an excellent resource to learning . Thanks to the Certificationmantra team to giving great service. It's helpful to revisit it to gain our knowledge.
I have learned about a variety of tools that relate to data engineering through certificationmantra . I enjoy your courses and information delivered by you is top-quality because it's simple to grasp and apply. Thank you certificationmantra team for sharing your knowledge with us.
Ramya Rao
I believe that certificationmantra performed a great job making very high-quality training that include thorough explanations and an appropriate syllabus for DP 203. I enjoyed the section where it was necessary to provide justifications in case of incorrect answers to an answer . It was extremely helpful to succeed in passing the DP 203 exam on 1st attempt . thank you certificationmantra team
I highly recommend this course to anyone that will help those who are starting your career in a Data Engineering. The exam was passed on the first try. beacause of the certificationmantra team. Best place in Hyderabad to learning in an easy way
Srinivas Reddy
This a fantastic way to begin the process of becoming a data engineer . The trainer clearly teaches the concepts of DP 203. I was able to pass the exam because of the certificationmantra team. Thanks to all
Microsoft Azure DP-203 Data Engineering This course is exactly what I was hoping for, especially as a novice on the cloud. The instructor is able to pass knowledge and guides you step-by-step. I also appreciated the method of teaching and the methods he used to understand the whole course through my studies, I have discovered certificationmantra as the only top learning platform for cloud-related technologies in Hyderabad
Sandeep James
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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates for this test must be well-versed in the languages used for data processing, such as SQL, Python, or Scala and having knowledge in data structures.

There is no prerequisite for Azure Data engineer certifications.

You have to give two certifications DP-200 and DP-201 to get Azure Data engineer associate certification.

  • Design and implement data storage 
  • Design and develop data processing 
  • Design and implement data security
  • Monitor and optimize data storage and data processing 

The DP 203 test is a two-hour test. 

You can take five attempts within a year after the first attempt to clear the test.

The score required to pass the DP 203 test is 700 marks out of 1000. 

There is no way to be penalized for a wrong answer. In the case of single-point items, you have to be able to answer completely and correctly. You don’t get points for any part of your answer which isn’t correct. 

In a matter of minutes after finishing the exam, you will know that you have passed the exam successfully or failed. In addition, you will be provided with the report in a paper format that will include your exam score and feedback about what you did in the skills areas you were tested. 

You can work in every industry by obtaining DP 203. Microsoft Azure provides cloud solutions for a variety of sectors, including  

  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Entertainment and media
  • Agriculture
  • Gaming
  • Banking

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Indonesian (Indonesia), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian  

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